I am the owner and operator of JM Gibson Properties LLC. I have had the distinct pleasure to partner with North Texas Property Management. Approximately four years ago, I turned a portion of my portfolio over to North Texas Property Management in an effort to test their ability to perform. The performance from the company was exceptional. I then released my entire portfolio over to North Texas Property Management.

I have been partnered with other property management companies in the past. I have never received the type of customer service that North Texas Property Management offers and provides. I truly, have always been impressed with the professionalism of the staff and the actions performed. It is my feeling and experience that North Texas Property Management is always seeking to make the best decision on behalf of the investor.

I have had clients in the past that have created major issues and complications for my portfolio. North Texas Property Management has coordinated and assigned appropriate repair crews to correct the issues and lessened the complication factors.

If you are in the market to partner with a property management company, I highly recommend North Texas Property Management. There extraordinary service, oriented philosophy, extends over and beyond other management companies within their field. I work with North Texas Property Management daily and highly support their values and mission.

Should you have any questions about my personal experiences with North Texas Property Management Company, I will be more than willing to speak with you personally.

Jeff D. Gibson
JM Gibson Properties LLC