Allen, Texas, may have had a place in the mind of Billy Joel when he wrote his song “Allentown” in the 1970’s. It was sort of Trump before there was Trump, about the decline of manufacturing in the USA. We can’t say a lot about that, although it was a very good song. Allen, Texas, property management.However, as a property management company what we CAN say about Allen, Texas, is that this “Allen” town is a great city with lovely people and lovely homes. Indeed, a lot of people are attracted to Allen as the figures show. In the 2010 US Census the population was 84,000 whereas just seven years later it has grown to just short of 100,000 which is quite a jump.

If you are a property investor in Allen, it may well be that you need Allen, Texas, property management. Here at North Texas Property Management we have built up a portfolio of clients and tenants ever the last few years and we specialize in the smaller property investor. This is because Jason and Jenny Marascio, the founders of the business, were themselves buying and selling properties back in the early 2000’s and started building up their rental portfolio in 2005. As a result they know all of the problems that can arise when you are a landlord, and they also know that the smartest way to avoid problems is to have an Allen, Texas, property management company that can handle them all for you.

“Out Of The Box” Thinking about Allen Texas Property Management

They found that by using “out of the box” thinking for their own properties they were finding cutting-edge solutions that worked, and very quickly had other investors asking for their help, which is why they founded North Texas Property Management. Today they manage properties in North Texas with a combined value of over $50,000,000, and rising, and they fill over 100 properties every year.

Even if you only own one rental property, as many of our clients do, it is just so much easier to hand over all the problems to a team that is geared up for anything because they have “been there and done that” many times before. Yes, there is a fee, of course, but do you really want your tenant phoning you at 4.00am because the storm has blown the shingles off the roof and there is water coming through?

Not only that, if you can get a good and reliable tenant in place straight away you can maybe get cash flowing immediately which you can’t if your property is empty for three months.

So if you are looking for an Allen, Texas, property management company, give us a call. Hand over all the headaches to us while you just sit back and enjoy the income.