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Maintenance Request

Please use the form below to inform us of your repair issues. Please be as specific as possible, so we can begin working on a solution right away.

If this is an emergency situation that will affect the safety of an ordinary tenant (fire, flood, gas leak, etc.) CALL 911. After calling 911 please report the incident to our office immediately.

Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm (EMERGENCIES ONLY)
(214) 227-7669

After Hours / Weekends (EMERGENCIES ONLY) A/C not working does not constitute an emergency.
(469) 443-0103

No maintenance requests will be taken over the phone. ALL requests must be in writing by submitting the form below unless it is an emergency situation.

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***Tenants will be charged a $100.00 trip charge if subcontractors show up for a scheduled appointment and tenant fails to be present for the contractor to complete the repairs***
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