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Utility Information

Unfortunately hooking up utilities is not a service that we offer due to many utility companies requiring personal information such as social security numbers, ownership information, etc. to activate services. Below you will find helpful links as well as important information to assist you in hooking up electricity and water at your investment.

North Texas Utility Contacts

We require that the water and electricity are turned on at all properties during any vacancy to assist in getting the make ready services and repairs completed quickly and efficiently. It becomes extremely difficult to complete a thorough cleaning or to address repairs without the utilities being on. Dallas Area Property management and utility issuesAlso due to the Texas weather it is a good idea to make the vacant homes as comfortable as possible throughout the year so that prospective tenants want to take their time and view the available properties which can be very uncomfortable at times if the house is to hot or cold in the summer and winter months.

Many times the electricity plays a large role in actually being able to see some rooms that may not have any natural light or if a property is shown later in the day as it starts to get dark. We will notify owners the moment we have a property leased so that service providers may be contacted to disconnect service. Upon activating services please contact our office so that we may schedule any work that is required.

Got Questions?

If you are a current client, or are looking to hire us as your Dallas-area property management company and have questions about how utilities work, please feel free to contact us. Our job as property managers is to make your job as easy as humanly possible, within the constraints set to us by the various Texas utility companies.

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