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Our Story

It has been said that luck is when preparation meets opportunity. North Texas Property Management’s founders, Jason and Jenny Marascio, are people who know how to seize opportunity and hyper power it to phenomenal success. Jason and Jenny started in the Dallas Fort Worth market as real estate investors, buying and selling residential properties while still building up their own rental portfolio. They utilized a “think outside the box” approach and pioneered an unheard of program which was tested and fine-tuned to become the fundamental program on which their rental portfolio flourished. Other investors needing similar services quickly called on Jason and Jenny, so a property management company was formed.

The entire business sustained great success and growth on referrals alone for the first five years, until the market shifted and real estate investors found it harder to acquire additional properties as lending guidelines changed. (Something is to be said for any company that can sustain success and growth over the first five years in a declining economy with no advertising or marketing of any kind.) At the lowest point of the declining market, it had become equally difficult for homeowners to sell their homes as it did for investors to buy them. While the market changed direction, North Texas Property Management evolved again and began to advertise to both homeowners and investors alike. With the company’s continued success, North Texas Property Management now fills over 100 properties a year, currently manages over 50 million dollars worth of residential real estate, and continues to surpass what other management companies consider industry standards.