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Rent Collection Service

Rent: it’s what landlords live for. Obviously, the goals of owning a rental property in Plano (or other North Texas cities) are: a) cash flow via rent, and/or b) appreciation of the rental property. Collecting the rent, however, can be a hassle. Fortunately, our rent collection service makes it easy for you as a landlord or property owner. Our rent collection service can help landlords in Plano, McKinney, Allen, and other key North Texas communities.  Learn more about our “rent collection service” in the North Texas area, or contact us at 214-227-7669 for a FREE consultation on “property management service” offerings near you.

Making Your Life Easy with a Rent Collection Service for Landlords

Investors who own a rental property throughout North Texas want to make their lives easy. Obviously, the main goals of owning a single family home or other type of investment rental are a) cash flow, and b) appreciation. However, the day-to-day operations of property management are an “input” that is the key to successful rental property management strategies. That includes getting paid and that means that a “rent collection service” can make your life easier.rent collection service for landlords in Plano Texas

Based in Plano, our property management service team works throughout all of North Texas – from McKinney to Mesquite, Carrollton to Little Elm, and everywhere in between. One of our key services offered is an “rent collection service.”

What is a Rent Collection Service?

You may do a little research on rent collection and get confused. There are two aspects. First, there is the mere technical aspect of collecting the rent. There are “apps” for this and online services. We have one as well. Our tenants can log in via our website and pay their rent.  99% of our tenants are good, and we strive very hard to only rent to hard-working, honest tenants who pay their rent. But no one can guarantee that every tenant will be honest or hard-working. Thus, there are issues involving payment of rent. This is the second aspect. A “rent collection” service handles the basics person-to-person of collecting the rent, whether that’s the “easy” tenant who always pays on time, the mid-range tenant who can be a little late on occasion, or the “bad” tenant who falls behind. We even offer an eviction service for landlords, show it come to that.

Fortunately, the laws in Texas are relatively “pro-landlord.” You have rights vis-a-vis a tenant in your single family home investment property. If, for example, they fail to pay the rent, you can evict them. Other causes for eviction beyond “non payment of rent” can include destruction of the property, lease violation (that is, violating the terms of the lease such as running a business in the home), property damage, the expiration of a lease and inability to come to agreement on a new one, and of course illegal activities such as drugs, firearms, or other types of criminal activity. But the main point of a “rent collection service” is to avoid eviction in the first place!

Of course, as a top-rated property management company in Plano and environs, our goal for our existing clients is to choose “good” tenants. But no one can predict the future, and sometimes it is necessary to move forward with an eviction. As a landlord, however, you may not want to deal with this process, you may not understand the Texas laws and regulations, or other issues. We start with the basics: a rent collection service that’s easy for tenant, easy for landlords, and easy on everyone involved.

Rent Collection: It’s Foundational

You own a property to make money. And there are two vehicles to making money. First, there is the rent. It’s foundational. You own a property, you may pay a mortgage (or the property may be paid off), and you collect rent from tenants. We find the best tenants possible, and set up the mechanics for them to pay rent on time and in a regular way. Our technology is best-in-class and it makes it easy. Our bookkeeping and accounting standards are also excellent, so you as the landlord will get detailed reporting on how much rent has been paid and of course any expenses pay to us not just for our rent collection services but for other property management services should that be necessary.

Reach out to our best-in-class rent collection service today, and we can help you from Plano to North Dallas, Allen to Little Elm, McKinney or even Anna Texas.

Next Steps: Contacting our Rent Collection Service

Contact us via this website or call us at 214-227-7669 for a FREE consultation over the phone about our rent collection services for landlords. Our goal at North Texas Property Management is to make YOUR life as an investor easy, and that includes collecting the rent from tenants. Beyond or after the rent collection service, our “make ready service” team can help restore your property to health and help you get it ready to rent. Our property managers know how to locate the best tenants so that (hopefully) this eviction problem will not occur again!

We make it easy, so please contact our team today! Our rent collection services are available in the communities North of Dallas – from Plano to Allen, McKinney to Little Elm, Princeton and Anna, Texas – and everywhere in between. Our team is based in Plano, Texas, but we are an easy 30 – 60 minute drive from the entire region of North Texas.