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Welcome to North Texas Property Management!

Our goal is to be the best property management company in Plano Texas and nearby cities. Our property managers focus on ‘single family homes,’ often owned by owner-investors who want a best-in-class team of property managers to help them with their rental properties. Our property management services extend beyond Plano to nearby cities, such as Allen property management, McKinney property management, or property managers in Richardson, Texas.

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We specialize in leasing single family rentals. We are known as the top residential property management firm in Collin and Denton counties. If you have rental properties, give one of our property managers a call. Our property management service offers specialized services as well – including eviction services, rent collection services, and a make ready service as well as a rental property remodeling service.

Renter? If you’re a renter and looking for a property to rent, browse our listings online and reach out to our super friendly staff today. We love renters and work hard to help you find the ideal property for rent.

Common Questions and Answers About Property Management Services

Q. What is Property Management?
Property management in Plano, Texas, involves overseeing single-family rental properties, including tasks like tenant screening, rent collection, and property maintenance. It ensures compliance with Texas rental laws, such as the Texas Property Code, and addresses issues like lease agreements and eviction procedures specific to Texas.

Q. How much does Property Management cost?
In Plano, Texas, property management fees typically range from 10-15% of the monthly rental income. For example, if your rental home earns $2,000 per month, you might pay $200-$240 in management fees. These fees cover services such as tenant screenings, maintenance, and handling legal compliance with Texas rental laws. Note: our fees vary, so this is just a general idea – please contact us for specifics.

Q. What does a Property Management Company do?
As a best-in-class property management company in Plano, we handle tenant screenings, collect rent, coordinate maintenance and repairs, and ensure compliance with Texas rental laws. For instance, we address issues like plumbing repairs quickly and ensure lease agreements comply with the Texas Property Code, providing a hassle-free experience for property owners.

Q. How does Property Management Work?
Property management in Plano, Richardson, Allen and nearby communities works by delegating the daily responsibilities of managing single-family rental homes to professionals. We handle tenant interactions, maintenance requests, and legal compliance. For example, if a tenant has an issue with their HVAC system, we arrange for prompt repairs, ensuring tenant satisfaction and property upkeep.

Q. How do you work with investors and in which cities?
We collaborate with investors by managing their single-family rental homes in Plano, Richardson, Allen, and nearby communities. We optimize rental income and property value by handling tenant screenings, maintenance, and compliance with Texas laws. For example, we ensure lease agreements meet Texas standards and handle any necessary evictions according to state regulations. We’re excited to announce new city-specific pages: Lucas, Anna, Princeton, Little Elm, Lewisville, and Wylie.

Q. I have more questions about your property management services?

Sure you do! First of all, don’t be shy. Reach out to us for a free phone or in-person consultation on how we can help with your investor-owned single family home property management needs. Also, check out our blog, for daily information on Plano, Allen, Richardon, Carrollton and nearby communities and their property management trends.

Renter? If you’re a renter and looking for a property to rent, browse our listings online and reach out to our super friendly staff today. We love renters and work hard to help you find the ideal property for rent.

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Our Vision

Our ultimate goal is to not only become the top property management company in Plano, Texas, as well as nearby cities like McKinney or Allen, but to be known for changing residential property management industry standards by implementing our unique programs and approach in today’s evolving rental market. Our residential single family homes are located all over the DFW metropolitan area including the Richardson, Plano and Frisco areas, as well as the Carrollton, Coppell and McKinney and Allen suburbs of Dallas. While never losing site of the most important element of all – our clients – our property managers strive to continue providing unprecedented customer service, and in doing so, we aim to be able to proudly one day call ourselves “The Best Property Management Company one client at a time.”

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