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Tenant Q&A

What happens if I submit a check and it is returned for insufficient funds?

All checks that are returned for insufficient funds will have a $100.00 NSF fee applied to the tenants account, late fees will be applied and replacement funds in the form of cashier’s check or money order will need to be submitted immediately. Late fees will continue to accrue until certified replacement funds are received. All future payments must then be in the form of certified funds.

When is rent due?

Rent is always due on the 1st of each month and must be received by North Texas Property Management no later than midnight on the 3rd of month no matter if it is weekend or holiday. Rents received on the 4th or later MUST be in the form of certified funds and include all late fees associated with your lease agreement.

I mailed my payment before the 3rd and was contacted after the 4th to pay in certified funds and pay late fees, why?

In order to process payments to our investors in a timely manner each month we require that no personal checks be accepted after the 3rd of each calendar month. It is the tenant(s) responsibility to ensure that their lease payment is received within the time frame stipulated in their lease contract. North Texas Property Management is not responsible for delays caused by any postal service or carrier. If delays occur due to delivery then additional late fees will be charged as needed, and rent will not be accepted until all fees have been collected.

I am unable to pay my balance before an eviction is filed, will I be thrown out?

Our goal is to keep tenants in the property they have leased. In doing so we allow tenants to pay the eviction filing fees, late fees and the lease payments even after eviction has been filed. As long as the account has been brought current, we are happy to dismiss pending evictions.

I am unable to pay my balance before an eviction is completed, will I be thrown out?

Again, our goal is to keep tenants in the properties and we only remove tenants through the eviction process when the account balance cannot be satisfied. If a judgment has been granted for an eviction and the tenant can bring their account current within 5 days from the day the judgment was granted they may remain in the home.

What is proper notice to vacate?

North Texas Property Management requires a minimum 30 day written notice to vacate. In order to properly process and expedite security deposit refunds a forwarding address for the tenant will be required.

What is required for me to break my lease early?

If a tenant is interested in relenting on their lease they are required to provide 30 days written notice. They will be required to pay one month lease payment while the home is vacant allowing the property manager to market the home for new tenants. In addition to this they will automatically forfeit their security deposit.

Who do I contact for an emergency after business hours?

North Texas Property Management has an after-hours answering service to address emergency maintenance repairs and can be reached at (214) 774-4980. Only emergencies will be addressed after hours, all non-emergency maintenance repairs will be addressed during normal business hours.

When do I get my security deposit returned?

Security Deposit Disposition letters that will include an itemized list of repair cost will be mailed out within 30 days of the property being relinquished to North Texas Property Management. If the needed repairs to the property exceed the security deposit, you will receive an invoice that includes your account balance. We ask that you remit the payment to satisfy this balance as quickly as possible. If North Texas Property Management no longer manages the home or has forwarded the security deposit to the owner you will be notified who is responsible for the accounting of your monies owed and be provided all of their contact information.

What are the qualifying guidelines for your homes?

If you are interested in leasing a home that requires full qualifying the following terms will need to be met. We will need 3 of the most recent paystubs and/or bank statements for all tenants that will be residing in the property. The total combined gross income must be 3 times the monthly lease payment or greater. A credit report will be pulled on each tenant and will require a minimum 600 fico score and NO evictions in the last 5 years. A national criminal background check will be completed on all tenants and occupants ages 18 and over.

How does your NO Credit Check program work?

With our unique No Credit Check program all that is required is that all tenants pass a national criminal background check and provide us with a cashier’s check or money order to cover the deposit plus the first months prorated lease payment. Due to our unique program our properties tend to move very quickly and we do work on a first come first serve basis. The maximum period of time we will take a property off the market is for seven days with a $1000.00 non-refundable holding deposit. The holding deposit will be applied towards your security deposit.

Will I get my security deposit back?

Return of the security deposit is dependent on the condition of the property when possession is returned to North Texas Property Management and that all necessary steps to vacate were taken. Tenants will want to submit the required notice to vacate, make sure rent is paid in full, and provide forwarding address.

What can I do to leave the property in excellent condition and get my deposit back?

It is always our highest interest to see that a tenant is returned their security deposit as long as the property is returned in a condition that allows us to lease the home with no needed repairs and/or maintenance. To ensure that you have left the property in excellent condition you should have the carpets professionally cleaned, have all personal items removed from the premises, mop and vacuum all floors, clean all sinks, countertops, tubs and showers, repair any damage caused to the property from abuse or neglect, spackle any and all holes in walls, make sure all light bulbs are in working order, replace HVAC filters, complete needed yard maintenance including mowing, trimming and removing weeds from the flower beds as well as make sure the property is pest free.

Who is responsible for yard maintenance?

The tenant is responsible for all yard maintenance including mowing, fertilizing, trimming, controlling pests in the yard, removing debris from the yard and watering the yard as stipulated in the lease contract.

Do you allow pets?

Pets being allowed or not is determined by the owner of the property and is stipulated on an individual basis. If you did not have a pet when you moved into the property, but would like to get one please contact our office and we will let you know if there are any restrictions or pet deposits required. Please keep in mind, any pet located at the property that we are not aware would be considered a breach of your lease contract so please keep us informed.

Who is responsible for repairs?

The owner of the property is responsible for repairs such as HVAC, major plumbing, electrical, etc. to ensure the property is habitable. The owner may also cover repairs on appliances, fences, roofs, etc., but may choose not to repair other small items such as ceiling fan going out, clogged garbage disposal or toilets. If a contractor is sent to a property and it is determined that the repair was caused by the tenant’s negligence then the tenant would incur that service call and/or repair charge. If a contractor shows up at a property for a scheduled appointment and the tenant fails to appear or let him/her in to do the work the tenant can be assessed a service call fee up to a $100.00.

Who pays (HOA) Home Owner Association Fees?

Tenants are responsible for paying the HOA fees to North Texas Property Management. The total amount of yearly HOA fees are divided by twelve months and rolled directly into your rent so that it is collected on a monthly basis. This is to ensure the HOA fees are always being paid and it also helps tenants so that a lump sum is not needed all at once to cover the yearly HOA fees.