Knowing how to find a property manager in Plano, Texas, can be a tough proposition. If you are a homeowner with a single family home to rent, or perhaps three or four, you will find that many property managers only want to manage multi-unit homes and property for landlords who have a lot of inventory. Plano Property ManagerIn fact, if you Google “how to find a property manager in Plano, Texas” they are the ones that you will find most of the time. There are very few property managers in North Texas that we know of who are very happy to work for landlords with just one or two properties, but the good news is that we are! We prefer single family homes!

Renting out a property is great all the while the rent checks are coming in as regularly as clockwork and nothing ever goes wrong, but unfortunately that is not quite how it works in the real world. As you will know from your own home – the one you live in – there can be problems with plumbing, problems with the heating or air conditioning, problems with the roof, problems with the electrical works, and so on. Fortunately, these things don’t all happen at once, but over time things will go wrong and need attention.

We Take Care Of All This

At North Texas Property Management, we take care of all this for you. So when the water heater breaks down and needs repairing, your tenant simply phones or emails us and we will send a plumber out to fix it. Obviously, we are not plumbers ourselves, but we have a list of contacts upon whom we can call to deal with any plumbing problems. The same applies to anything else that goes wrong: we have contacts who can deal with it.

Another thing that you need when you own a single property, or even a handful, is to keep the property occupied. You want good, regular paying tenants, and you don’t want a long gap between one tenant moving out and another moving in. Having been in the property management business for a few years now, and having started with our own investment properties, we know the right places to advertise to attract the right sort of tenants. We also undertake background checks on prospective tenants in order to see if they have any criminal records or anything else that might make you decide that you don’t want them as tenants.

So now you do know how to find a property manager in Plano, Texas: call us and we will be delighted to help you.