Rental properties here in Plano Texas are an excellent investment. Yes, the market goes up, and the market can go down. Past performance is not indicative of future results as they say. Of course it isn’t. Anything could happen. The Russians could decide to start a war. Rental properties in Plano are still a good investment.(They probably won’t, but they could). A serious pandemic could break out. Of course, it could.

This is why we say that we can’t guarantee any investment, and we don’t sell investments in any case. But we can take the hassle of managing a rental property out of your hands.

So why should you consider buying investment properties in Plano just now?

Well here’s the answer. According to Zillow, in a report published on July 2nd, new for-sale home listings were 7.1% higher than just one month previously. However, despite that, total home inventory in the DFW market was still 13.2% lower than the same time last year. Nationwide, total inventory was 20.7% lower than one year ago. If ever there was a great time to invest in property, it is right now.

Certainly, Covid-19 scared the heck out of the property market and caused a massive slump. But just look how fast the bounce-back has started. Yes, lots of people are selling because they have lost their jobs and can’t pay their mortgage any longer. That’s sad. But it’s great news for investors.

Now Is The time To Buy A Rental Property in Plano Texas

Because now is the time to buy. As Warren Buffet says, buy when other people are selling.

Now you may be put off investing in rental property because of all the hassle of renting, finding tenants, making sure they can pay the rent, and all the rest of it. But when you use us at North Texas Property Management for rental property management in Plano, it becomes a breeze. Rental property management in Plano is what we do.

So you can buy a property – or two, three, or four – right now, at a massive discount.

Not only that, there are lots of people looking to rent at the same time. These are people who have lost their jobs and can’t afford the mortgage repayments, so what they are doing is selling their homes, getting a large chunk of equity as a result, and looking to rent while they seek a new job. Suddenly, they have released the equity in their home, albeit at a discount, and now want somewhere to live.

The only thing you really have to worry about is the hassle of renting out your property, But then you can hand all that over to us, because rental property management in Plano is what we do.

So you buy in a depressed market. You let to people who can now afford to rent. And you can sit back and enjoy the income and the bounce-back to come in the value of homes in Plano.

Case closed.