As one of the foremost rental property management companies in North Texas, managing rental properties is all we do at North Texas Property Management. Our name is a bit of a giveaway, isn’t it? Property ManagementWe help investors maximize their investment and minimize their hassles. We help stable, strong renters find good single-family homes in communities like Plano, Carrollton, and Richardson.

Furthermore, we focus entirely on managing single family homes, rather than multiple home blocks. Our clients are people who may have just one home to rent, or perhaps four or five, so they don’t have either the time or the inclination to deal with the day to day running of the properties.

Perhaps you have never rented out a property before, having inherited it, or maybe you have always wanted to begin property investment and have now reached the point where you can afford to buy your first property. Whatever your situation, if you are like most people, it may never have occurred to you just how much is involved in the running of a rental property, including all the form filling and paperwork required in order to comply with city and state codes. This is why many small investors choose to let us deal with all that, as one of the best rental property management companies in North Texas.

You Don’t Need To Do A Thing. Our Property Managers are Pro’s.

When you use us to look after your property, you don’t have to do a thing. The only time you need to get involved is if some work needs to be done on the property. Even then, we will obtain quotes for you from tradespeople to carry out any work, and all you have to do is to decide which quote to accept. We then get on with employing your chosen company and overseeing the work so that it is carried out correctly and in due time. That aside, all you need to do is to bank the rental check that we send you every month.

We take care of advertising for renters and interviewing them. Having been in the property management business for many years, we know where to advertise in order to get a flood of inquiries from prospective renters. We also know how to check their credit ratings, because you want renters who will not only look after your property, but also pay the rent on time.

Having said that, we do occasionally have an issue about rent, a little more so recently because some perfectly good tenants have suddenly woken up one morning to find they have no job. However, if that should happen, as one of the finest rental property management companies in North Texas, we can also take care of eviction should it unfortunately become necessary. There is nothing for you to do.