Many investors are scooping up Carrollton Texas homes in and around Denton and Collin Counties Texas. The homes fortunately continue to appreciate, and the rental market remains strong. But the day-to-day management of a rental property can be a hassle, especially for an out-of-state landlord. Carrollton Texas PropertyThis is where we can help you at North Texas Property Management because Carrollton, TX, rental property management is what we do for a living.

Many of our clients are, indeed, out of state. Quite often, they have inherited a property from a relative in Carrollton or one of the surrounding cities and make the wise decision to keep it and let it increase in value. However, this means that they need to rent it out, and that is where the hassle comes in, especially if they live out of state.

The first thing, if you have never rented out a property before, is to decide how much rent to charge. Obviously, you want to get as much as possible, but how do you know what a renter will be willing to pay? If you decide to let us look after your Carrolton, TX, rental property management, this is the first thing that we can do for you. One of our leasing consultants will visit your home and value it for you. There is no need for you to be present. As long as our consultant has access via a hidden key, lock box, etc., that’s fine.

While inspecting the premises, our consultant will also check over the overall condition of the property, and the neighborhood, and surrounding areas. In addition, he will make recommendations regarding any necessary repairs or work that needs to be carried out. He will also check the state and city codes that are required for rental properties. Different cities have different requirements regarding rental properties, and many of them require them to be inspected and/or registered. In addition to that, the state of Texas has certain codes that relate to things such as smoke detectors, lead paint, swimming pools, and so on.

Once our consultant has checked everything, he can then advise you what, if any work is required, and will be able to recommend a realistic rental price that you can expect.

A Property Manager Manages Renters as well as the Property

Then it is a question of finding renters. Luckily, as Carrollton, TX, rental property management specialists, we know exactly where and how to advertise to get a steady stream of inquiries. The next thing is to interview these tenants and show them around your home. We also have to check things such as credit records, because you want renters who are going to pay the rent on time and take care of your property.

When you use us as your property managers you can sit back without any worries, and simply enjoy the rental check that we send you every month.