Frisco Texas single-family home property management can be more complex than managing a building of multiple apartments. Much the same sort of issues occur such as plumbing problems, pest control, electrical issues, and so on, but when it happens in a single-family home you have to deal directly with the tenant. single family home in Plano Texas being managed by a property managerMany property management companies specialize in multi-unit property management, but we are the reverse. We LOVE managing single family homes, especially in affluent communities like Frisco Texas.

We love to take care of the small investor who may just have a handful of properties, or even a single property, as opposed to dealing with the big boys who have gazillions to invest in property. We enjoy Frisco, Texas, single-family home property management because that is the way we started out ourselves: investing in, and managing, single family homes. We got really good at the managing side of things, and our founders started to be asked for help by other small investors, and that is how North Texas Property Management was born.

Built Entirely On Referrals – the Best Property Management Company One Client at  Time

Indeed, for the first five years of the business we built it up and grew entirely on referrals from other investors, until the market shifted and lending guidelines changed, making it harder for real estate investors to buy additional properties to add to their portfolios. We did no advertising or marketing of any kind whatsoever until then. And we still love what we do.

And of course, our experience means that we know exactly where to advertise for renters in order to get plenty of inquiries. We know how to check credit ratings and get information about their behavior. Both are important, because what you want as a small investor is renters who will take care of your property and pay the rent on time. And with us as your Frisco, Texas, single-family home property management company, that is what you will get. We only offer you renters that we would be happy to have in our own properties.

We have also built up a team of tradespeople who can carry out any sort of work that is required on a property, and, of course, we can provide them 24/7/365. This, too, is important, because if a pipe bursts in a property and water is flooding through the bathroom floor at 2.00 in the morning you need to get an emergency plumber quickly. If you were managing your property on your own, your renter would have to call you, and you would then have to start searching for emergency plumbers in your pajamas. And just suppose you were away on holiday in Spain at the time?

When you use us to manage your property, everything like that is taken care of automatically. Your property could not be in better hands.