If you are looking for a good investment property, you might want to consider McKinney. We are not investment advisors, but we can spot a trend when we see it, and there are many investors who are snapping up rental properties there at the moment. Hassle-free property rental with NTXPM in McKinney TexasThen they do the sensible thing and let us at North Texas Property Management look after it for them. McKinney, Texas, rental property management is what we do.

Let’s face it: running a rental property can be a whole lot of problems that you don’t need. When you invest in a rental property there are only two things that you want. One is a monthly rent check. The other is that the property increases in value, preferably at a greater rate than inflation. That’s it. That is all you want from your investment.

What you don’t want is all the other stuff that goes with McKinney, Texas, rental property management. Things like advertising for tenants. Interviewing them. Showing them around the property. Then they decide that they don’t like it and say “We’ll let you know” – except that they won’t, and you will never hear from them again. So, then you have to go through the whole rigmarole again.

Then you find a tenant who says he/she will take the property. So, you need to take up references only to find that they left their last home owing a chunk of rent. Back to advertising again.

Then you find a tenant who has good references, so you install them in the home. Unfortunately, although they paid on the dot every month they suddenly fall behind because the householder has lost his job. (This has happened a lot because of the pandemic).

Eviction Services (When Necessary) for Property Owners

Another problem – not common, but it can happen. A troublesome tenant has to be evicted according to the law. So now you have to carry out an eviction which involves going to court etc. Then you advertise for another tenant. Unfortunately, the outgoing tenant has left the place in a mess and you need a painter and decorator before you can advertise. Then you go through the interviewing / reference process again and eventually find a good tenant.

Tenant has been in the property for four months when you get a phone call at 2.00 am because there is water coming through the bedroom ceiling. Now you have to find an emergency plumber.  You really want all that hassle?

This is why so many property investors use us at North Texas Property Management to take care of their McKinney, Texas property management for them. We are geared up to handle all of this – including getting an emergency plumber at 2.00 in the morning.

That leaves you free to sit back and bank your rent check every month while your property increases in value.