When you are in residential property management looking after single family homes, as we are, you need to be a jack of all trades and have many skills. If you have been a homeowner for any length of time you will know that from time to time things go wrong, and also that sometimes work needs to be carried out such as, for example, redecoration. Residential Property Management in Plano, TexasIf the doors and windows are timber, then every few years they are going to need repainting.

At North Texas Property Management our job is residential property management on behalf of our many landlords and we have to be able to sort out problems quickly. For instance, a renter may have a toilet that is blocked and won’t flush. It’s OK, we can fix that. A car crashes into the wall of the yard in the middle of the night and then disappears. The wall needs some repair work: we can fix it.

Perhaps your renter gets behind with the rent: we know how to deal with that. The cooker in your house is very old and needs replacing: we won’t do that without discussing it with you first, but if you approve we will get a new cooker installed that will do the job but is not too costly. Your renter has a bee infestation? We know who to call. Yes, that is something else that as a residential property manager we have had to deal with.

First Hand Experience as Residential Property Managers

We know all these things from first hand experience because we are landlords ourselves. This is how we got into property management in the first place from the experience of managing our own properties. We began by investing in properties in 2005, buying and selling them while building up our own rental portfolio. We used a “think outside the box” approach and produced a program to take care of our own properties.

Then other investors heard about what we were doing and called upon us to help them too, so we formed NTXPM and the business began to grow purely by word of mouth. We did no advertising or marketing at all for the first five years! Today we fill over 100 properties every year and we manage over $50 million dollars’ worth of residential real estate on behalf of our landlords.

All of our clients are small investors, many with just a single home for rent while others may have four or five. When you rent a property, you don’t want to have to handle the day to day management of it, so you can leave all that to us and just sit back and enjoy your rent checks coming in every month.