If you live in Frisco and your company transfers you to San Francisco, California, you are going to be in for a big shock. The real estate prices are jaw-dropping. residential property managementThe median rent for a one bedroom apartment is $3,460 while the median home price is no less than $841,600. (The median home price in the US is $188,900!). To afford such a home, you need to earn about $158,000 a year. The cost of living is approximately 62% higher than the US average.

For a family of four, the cost of necessities is $91,785 a year – and that’s before you even go to the cinema. A gallon of gas is $3.20 compared to the national average of $2.33. Parking the car in the city is about $20 a day. A meal for two at a mid-price restaurant will cost you around $75, while if you go all in and take your girlfriend out for her birthday it will be double that. Mind you, you could always cook her a meal at home. A dozen eggs cost $4.02 (national average $2.36), a pound of chicken is $6.25 ($3.63), and a pound of cheese is $7.10 ($4.35). As for a bottle of wine to go with it……………

If You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

Still, if you gotta go because the boss says so, you gotta go. At least you’ll get a salary increase to go with it, but you’re going to need it.

So while you are away from home in Frisco, don’t sell your home. Rent it out and use the money to help pay for some little extras in SF. We’re the #1 Frisco residential property management company and we can look after your home and rent it out for you while you are away. This way, when you come back home in a couple of years’ time you will still have your home and it will have increased in value. Yes, we know we are based in Plano, but we are still rated the #1 Frisco residential property management company by our many landlords in the city.

We provide you with a FREE property rental valuation, and as long as you let us have a key you don’t even have to be present. One of our Senior Consultants will visit and calculate the rental value and security deposit required. We’ll advise you if anything needs to be done such as cleaning, repairs, or yard work. Then if you decide to rent through us, the leading Frisco residential property management company, we will find the right tenants with a good record so that you can enjoy your rental income and still have your Frisco home when you return.