At North Texas Property Management, we take every care to put the “S” back into the word “Service” when it comes to property management in McKinney. When you own an investment property, or even two or three, the last thing you want is to have to worry about actually running the home. The benefits and downsides of owning a rental property.Our McKinney property management service is built around providing the ultimate service to property owners whose goal is to let their property, enjoy the rental income, together with the increase in the value of their property, in a completely “hands off” manner.

As far as we are concerned, that is exactly how it should be. The last thing that you need is the aggro of finding a suitable tenant, actually getting them installed, and then finding three months down the line that they are not paying the rent. Or that they do damage to your property. Or don’t take care of the yard, so that in a few months it looks like a jungle.

This is why the very first goal of our McKinney property management service is to insure that we take the trouble to find tenants that DO pay the rent, behave in a reasonable manner, are not going to annoy the neighbors, and mow the lawn or whatever else is necessary to keep the property looking nice.

Things Can Still Go Wrong

Even so, with the best tenants in the world, things can still go wrong. Maybe the drains become blocked and won’t drain the water away so that it starts to back up into the home. It may not be the fault of the tenant because it could be caused by tree roots blocking the drain pipe, or the earth could have shifted after heavy rain, causing the drain pipe to fracture or become crushed. The first thing to do is to get it fixed and get it fixed fast.

This is why, at North Texas Property Management, we have tradesmen of all types on call 24 hours a day. When something drastic like that happens, the tenant only has to call us and we will dispatch a tradesman to fix the problem, whatever it may be, and at whatever time of day or night it is.

The way we view our McKinney property management service is this: you, as our client, want nothing more nor less than to receive a check for the rent every month on the due date, and that is all you want to know. If lightning strikes the roof and knocks shingles off it, you don’t want to know. You want us to deal with it, and so we do. That’s our job, not yours.