At North Texas Property Management, we are regarded as the foremost property management company in North Dallas. We are based in Plano, and we have a lot of properties that we look after here, but we also cover Carrollton and we have just recently found a real gem here, and we cannot pass it up. Our choosiness benefits both our investors and our renters.The leading Carrollton property management company.

If you have a property that you wish to rent, we can undertake Carrollton property management for you. Initially, we provide all property investors or owners who wish to let, a completely free, no obligation, rental evaluation. We understand that many owners may not live in the area, perhaps having inherited a property from a relative, but if the property is vacant there is no need for the owner to be present so long as our valuer has access via a lock-box, or hidden key.

One of our Senior Leasing consultants will visit the property and check on it’s condition, take a look at the neighborhood and the surrounding areas, and will then be able to provide an accurate estimate of the monthly rent and the amount of security deposit that should be required.

Our leasing and property consultant will also make any necessary recommendations relating to decoration and repairs, any cleaning required, and whether or not any work is needed in the yard. He or she will also check the city and state codes regarding rental properties. Many cities have requirements regarding rental properties such as requiring them to be inspected and possibly registered. The State also has certain requirements regarding rental properties regarding things such as keyless deadbolts, smoke detectors, and so on.


One thing that we should state, as a Carrollton property management company, is that it is necessary to have the utilities on in a vacant home, particularly electricity, and unfortunately we cannot connect utilities because many of them require identification such as social security numbers.

The reason utilities are required is because it can be almost impossible to carry out cleaning without them, and also if we are showing a prospective tenant the home after work it may be dark, so lighting will be required. Furthermore, when showing a prospective tenant, it can be uncomfortable for them if it is too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer.

However, what we do is notify you as soon as a property is leased so that you can contact the utilities to disconnect the service.

As your Carrollton Texas property management company, we take care of everything else, other than the utilities. As far as we are concerned, all you want to do is to receive your rental check every month, so we take care of the rest.