At North Texas Property Management we are based in Plano, but we also operate a Saginaw, Texas, property management service. Yes, it’s a 50 mile drive, but Texas is a big state, and what might be a long drive in New Jersey or Virginia is a drop in the ocean us Texans, so we have no trouble looking after properties in Saginaw.Saginaw Texas Property Management

As it happens, we have just taken on a new rental property in Saginaw, which is available to rent at present. If you are a property investor or owner and have a rental property there, as a Saginaw, Texas, property management service, we can help you with yours too.

We strive for perfection in property management, and we take the time and trouble to educate both our clients and tenants for the purpose of enhancing the rental experience, and we have found that this results in our clients’ properties being properly maintained by the tenant.

Maintenance Available 24/7/365

All of our tenants have peace of mind in knowing that if anything goes wrong, our maintenance department can be contacted at any time of day or night. So if there should be a plumbing leak, for example, they can contact us and get it fixed fast. This is of great benefit to our clients, too, because an ongoing leak could damage the property and furnishings, but when it is an emergency, our contractors will be there quickly.

This is also important for tenant retention: You don’t want your property empty because the tenant has decided to leave because of maintenance problems. Unless it is an emergency, we provide all property owners with detailed estimates for approval for any maintenance work that is required.

We have developed world class marketing techniques for our Saginaw, Texas, property management service and we use around 15 different online marketing platforms, among other things, which enables us to have a great volume of inquiries when we advertise your home to rent. You want your property occupied and producing rental income as quickly as possible, and we can achieve that in a much shorter time frame than other agencies.

We understand that our clients simply want to receive a regular rental check every month and apart from that do not want to have to deal with anything else, and that is the service that we provide.

Our services include insuring that the properties meet all the Texas codes. We also have a thorough and efficient tenant application process which can include any optional elements that the property owner requires. Not only do we process all rents on time every month, but we also provide you with an end of year report for tax purposes.