At North Texas Property Management, we are a rare species: we are a company that undertakes property management in Burelson. Burelson TX property management companyWe don’t have a lot of properties in the city, that’s true, but we do have some, and if you need Burelson, Texas, property management for a single-family home – or even for several homes – we can handle that for you.

In fact, we are one of the few property management companies in North Texas who will take on a single home. We don’t have any problem doing that because a lot of people only have one property that they want to rent out, and the majority of our clients are the same. We have very few owners who have more than half a dozen properties on their books. Furthermore, that is the way we started out in the property management business back in 2005. Our owners, Jason and Jenny Marascio, started out to build a property portfolio and – guess what – it started with one home! So we know exactly what it is like to let one home or a hundred.

Indeed, today we do let around 100 properties every year, and we manage a property portfolio worth around $50 million on behalf of our clients, which is growing every week. So we are happy to provide you with Burelson, Texas, property management services.

The Best Property Management Company in Burelson TX

When it comes to property management, our team has the skills and the tools to deal with everything for you. There is nothing for you to do except possibly provide your approval for any maintenance work that might be required, and even then, we deal with obtaining estimates and appointing the appropriate contractor to undertake the work. That aside, you can simply sit back and await the delivery of your rental check every month. Which, let’s face it, is all you want to do.

After our many years in the property management business we have fine-tuned the process of advertising for tenants so that we get a high volume of calls for vacant properties each day. This enables us to select the best tenants and to keep your property occupied. We deal with all of the legal side of things, and our maintenance department is on call 24/7/365 so that we can handle any emergencies which might occur.

At North Texas Property Management, we also offer a free, no obligation, evaluation of your property in order to advise the sort of rent you might expect. Then if you wish us to proceed with Burelson, Texas, property management for you we will advertise the property and do everything that we can to install a tenant at the earliest possible moment.