Texas has been dealing with outbreaks of Coronavirus as has the rest of the country. However, up until now we have been blessed not to have had such extreme problems as other parts of the country. At North Texas Property Management, we are hopeful. Like most Texans, we are optimists at heart.Carrollton residential properties.

We look after quite a number of Carrollton Texas residential properties on behalf of our clients, some of whom have just the one property, while others have a portfolio of four or five. Most investors with a small number of properties have neither the time nor the inclination to deal with all the hassle that comes with letting a property and getting new tenants, so they appoint us to deal with all that for them. That way, they can sit back and enjoy a regular rent check coming through every month, which is really all that they want.

Our Property Managers Can Do The Same For You

If you own one or a handful of Carrollton residential properties, we can do the same for you. We have been looking after properties for landlords since 2005 and we know where to advertise in order to get a lot of inquiries as each new property comes on to the market. In fact, we have a very high call volume every day from prospective tenants which ensures that vacancies are turned into occupied properties in a much shorter time frame.

We also take care of any cleaning and maintenance that may be required when a tenant moves out before the property can be re-let. We ensure that all properties meet the Texas Rental Property Codes. We deal with all homeowner association and city concerns, notices, violations, including city registration of rental properties and scheduling of city inspections prior to occupancy.

We check out the prospective tenant’s creditworthiness, including any optional requirements that you may have as the homeowner because the last thing anyone wants is a problem with getting the rent paid on time. We also provide all documentation that may be required as regards lead-based paint disclosure, pool liability waivers, and so on.

Your tenants will also have peace of mind because our maintenance department for Carrollton residential properties is accessible 24/7/365. So if there is an emergency they know we can get someone out to them day or night.

A sad result of Coronavirus is that, even though Carrollton has not been as badly affected as some areas, a huge number of people have lost their jobs. This may result in the need to evict a tenant who can no longer pay the rent, but at North Texas Property Management we will deal with all the necessary court paperwork, represent you in court, file the writ of eviction and also enforce it personally. Then we will take all necessary steps to find a new tenant as quickly as possible.