If you are a property owner in Carrollton, Texas, and only have a single-family home to rent out – or perhaps a handful – then you should talk to us at North Texas Property Management.North Texas Property Management specializes in single family Carrollton homes

Certainly, Carrollton has its’ share of big commercial properties and apartment complexes, and all of them have “property managers”. But one of the problems that you have if you only have a single-family home – or even four or five – is that those property managers who deal with the “big boys” are simply not interested in looking after your single home or even a handful. Well, we’re the #1 residential property manager in Carollton and for good reason.

The fact is that a lot of people in Carrollton may own a single-family home because it has been left to them by relatives, and they take the view that, rather than sell it, they are better off keeping it and renting it out. That gives them a steady income, or at least it should, and the property increases in value over the years. It makes a lot of sense.

With a Residential Property Comes A Problem

However, with that comes the problem of Carrollton, Texas, property management. If you own a single home, you have to find somebody to rent it. That means advertising. Then if you get some answers to your advert, you need to interview the prospective tenants. Then you have to decide who is the most appropriate tenant for the property and hope that they have enough to pay the rent on time each month. You also have to comply with all the city and state regulations, and the property has to be in good order. There is a lot of paperwork and legal technicalities involved.

Assuming that all that goes well, you then have your tenant installed and start to receive a rental income. However, even though your tenant may be well-behaved and pay the rent on time, his company may decide to transfer him to another city, so then you have to start all over again finding another tenant.

Furthermore, when you undertake Carrollton, Texas, property management on your own, you have the problem of getting a phone call at two in the morning from your tenant because there is water leaking through the bedroom ceiling. You need an emergency plumber, but what do you do?

This is why you need North Texas Property Management. Our team is geared up to handle absolutely everything for you, and that includes water leaking through the bedroom ceiling at two in the morning.

This means that when you use our services for Carrollton, Texas, property management, you simply let us do all the hard work. All that you need to do is to sit back and enjoy the rental check that we send you every month. That’s a lot better, isn’t it?