November 1, 2020 – Carrollton, Texas. North Texas Property Management, a best-in-class property management company, is proud to announce a key information update on its residential property management services for not only Plano but nearby cities in North Texas such as Allen and Carrollton. Allen Texas Property ManagementThe booming Texas economy has caused investors to flock to the area, snapping up single-family homes and other rental properties and thus creating a demand for property management services.

“Investors see that the long-term future in North Texas is bright, especially in the prosperous suburbs of Plano, Allen, Carrollton and others just north of Dallas,” explained Jason Marascio, CEO of North Texas Property Management. “After they purchase a rental property, however, they often have to identify a best-in-class property management company that specializes in residential property management. Our new information updates help them take the first steps online.”

Interested parties can read the newly updated information page at That page goes over the basics of owning and managing single-family homes as rental properties in cities such as Plano, Allen, and Carrollton. Investors are also encouraged to take the next step of reaching out to the company for a no obligation consultation on their property management needs. Those interested in city-specific issues can visit key pages such as the page on Allen Texas property management services at And homeowners who want to sell their home fast in Plano can visit the sister website at That site explains the mechanics of fast, cash transactions to buy or sell homes in Plano Texas.


Here is background on the release. The current recession has temporarily depressed house prices, albeit only slightly, in the North Texas region. However, smart investors realize that of all the metro areas most likely to bounce back strongly North Texas is ideally positioned. The key suburbs such as Plano, Allen, and Carrollton enjoy a solid middle class, a strong economy, and low taxes. For these reasons, smart investors continue to purchase single family homes, hold on to them, and then use property management service to rent them out. In this way they gain both the benefits of property appreciation and they get on-going rental income. Renters are also happy to find companies such as North Texas Property Management that are easy to work with. For these reasons, the company is excited to announce a new information update to its website.


North Texas Property Management Company is a top-rated property management company servicing the needs of rental property owners in the North Dallas area of North Texas. The company’s property managers manage residential rental properties in Plano & McKinney and Richardson & Allen, as well as other communities in the North Dallas area, for real estate investors and rental property owners who want a property management company that will take the burden off of them of physically and financially caring for, maintaining, and managing their rental homes.
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