December 1, 2020 – Plano, Texas. We Buy North Texas Homes, a team of best-in-class professional home buyers based in Plano Texas, is proud to announce a pivot towards cash home buying services. As economic turbulence continues, more and more Plano home owners are looking for cash home buyers who can create a transaction home buyers in Plano Texas

“Cash home buyers means that we can conduct the transaction rapidly,” explained Jason Marascio, CEO of North Texas Property Management. “Often, Plano residents are transferred due to their job, or need to move quickly for other reasons. They then scour the Internet looking for professional, cash home buyers. Our pivot to this cash home buying service can help them get the job done quickly.”

Interested parties can view the website on cash home buyers for Plano Texas. Persons who want to know more about how the cash home buying process can visit the specific page at That page explains as follows. Founded in 2005, We Buy North Texas Homes is a boutique family owned and operated real estate investment firm that combines all of the expertise home sellers need to manage the process from assessment through close. The company takes the stress and wait out of the home sales process – so homeowners can move on. The company is known as the BEST people when a seller is looking to sell a home in Plano for cash, fast.


Here is the background on this release. The economy is turbulent, and many Plano residents are moving due to job reasons. Often, a new job comes fast and it requires a relocation. Thus they own a home in Plano and need to sell fast. But the market, while still strong, is slow. Thus they can be locked into their home without the cash they need to move for employment. Other people may have inherited a Plano Texas home. Still others may have an investment property and need to get the cash out of their property quickly. For these reasons, the new pivot towards cash home buying helps Plano residents get the cash that the need fast.


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