Carrollton is a city of single family homes right here in Texas. Certainly, there are some apartments, of course, but by and large it is a “family town” and therefore most residents want to live in a single family home. The majority of homes in Carrollton are single family homesThis is good for property investors, because you now know that the best way to invest your money is not in an apartment or apartments, but in single family homes in Carrollton because they are the most popular.

Certainly, property investment is a great way to build wealth because not only do you have a steady income from the rental – or at least, you should have – but over time the value of your investment is going to grow. That means that at any time you wish you can sell your property and collect a very nice chunk of cash, thank you very much. And if you don’t happen to need a nice chunk of cash, you can just carry on enjoying the monthly rental income.

However, there is a problem with being a property investor and that is all of the hassle which goes along with renting out a property, such as finding a reliable tenant who pays the rent regularly, which is a vital part of the equation. Then there are all the problems that come with any property such as maintenance, repairs, decoration, emergency repairs such as occur when a storm blows a lot of shingles off the roof or a pipe bursts. On top of that, there is always the danger that your tenants may not be as good as gold and might cause damage to the property or fall behind with the rent.

This Is Important Because Of Covid-19

This latter point is important at the moment because of Covid-19. Many people who were perfectly good tenants have found that they have suddenly lost their jobs and the good incomes that went with them and are having trouble paying their rent. This means that you would have to carry out an eviction procedure which is no fun at all.

This is why so many investors prefer to use us at North Texas Property Management as a single family home property manager in Carrollton.

As a single family home property manager in Carrollton we take care of all the hassle so that all you have to do is to bank the rent check that we send you every month. We find tenants for you (and we are very good at that) and we collect the rent. We ensure that your property conforms to all the Texas Rental Property Codes, prepare all the documents such as pool liability wavers, and take care of all emergencies that may arise. We also handle evictions on the rare occasions that they are necessary.

As a single family home property manager in Carrollton, we handle everything. That means that all you have to do is to bank that rent check, and that, after all, is all that a property investor wants to do.