Plano Texas is an ideal community for single-family homes. It’s full of great houses and full of great families. Moms and Dads working hard, usually with a couple of kids in tow. There are many single family homes in Plano, and we specialize in property management for rentals.Property investors love Plano because the property values are appreciating as the city has grown. At North Texas Property Management we act as the go-between for property investors in single-family homes and renters in Plano, TX. Our property managers in Plano are best-in-class!

It is true that a lot of property investors do not want all of the hassle of actually running what they regard as a business – and for many of them it is a business – so they let us take care of all that side of things for them. Whether you are a renter or a property owner it is easy to see that what a property investor really wants is to collect a rent check every month and bank it. Just that, and nothing more. And that’s fair enough. Certainly, a few property owners do everything themselves, but they are usually people who only have a single home that they have inherited.

We Do The “Donkey Work”

So, for the vast majority of property owners, we do all the “donkey work”. Our job is to take care of the owner’s property and take care of the renters as well. Certainly, we get paid by the owners and not the renters, but if you are a renter, we are here to ensure that everything in your home runs smoothly and if anything goes wrong, we get it fixed pdq (pretty damn quick!). It is all part of the job of property management for single family homes and renters in Plano, TX. If you want a company that specializes in rental property management issues, that’s us.

That means that if you have an electrical issue and the lights go out at 8.00 pm you can call us, and we’ll have an electrician come around and fix it for you. If there is a hurricane and the shingles blow off the roof, we’ll send a roofer. If the toilet cistern starts to leak, we’ll send you a plumber. We have all these people, and more, on call.

There is a lot more that we do as well, such as advertising for and interviewing renters, checking that a property investor’s home is up to pace with all the Texas and city codes, processing rents and providing end of year reports for the owner’s taxes, and more.

In short, at North Texas Property Management, we deal with all the hassle that is involved in single family homes and renters in Plano, TX, so that both our clients and their renters can live in peace.