The Dallas Suburbs such are Plano, Frisco, and Allen Texas are terrific areas to raise a family. The schools, parks, and outdoor activities create a childhood filled with fun, warm-hearted memories. And although the place is trendy right now, many families are already “aging out” of those childhood moments. property management and rental propertiesThe kids have left home to begin their adult lives. Parents of adult children may be ready to “leave the nest,” too. Many would prefer to avoid rattling around a family home waiting for the kids to come and visit. They could have several decades left to find a new passion and live a different life. Maybe buy a motorhome and travel the country. How about living in a Tuscan village for a few years? Or finding that dreamy mountain cabin close to skiing and majestic views?

Texas homeowners ready to move on may not want to sell their beloved family home. They may prefer to save the house to return to later and live out their golden years. Or the idea of keeping it for the next generation is appealing. Why not give the kids an opportunity to raise their children in a home full of treasured family memories.
One home rental can be very different from owning several properties. Traditional homeowners may not have a background in property management. They might not even know where to begin! Being a landlord is work, and folks looking to enjoy retirement may want to avoid the responsibilities of managing one home rental. It’s tough to handle a rental property in the Dallas suburbs while you’re living your best life wine-tasting in Italy.

It comes in handy to know the best local property management team around.

Sometimes a homeowner will look for a top-rated property manager to help manage their property. Finding such a person could be more trouble than it’s worth. Someone who considers themselves a so-called “Handyman Plus” instead of a skilled property manager can have a spotty background. Their experiences don’t necessarily mean they are ready to handle every task that pops up. For instance, can they take it when a tenant calls about a leaking broken pipe in the middle of the night? What will they do when a renter starts a small chicken coop business in the backyard when the contract explicitly forbids it? And worse, what if the renters stop paying the rent? Individuals who claim to handle rental properties can have varied skill sets. Working with one could lead to a poorly maintained house and tenants that become a problem to manage. That can result in costly losses later.

If you need to become more familiar with managing home rentals, tap into the secrets of a serious property investor. They aren’t going to settle for a fly-by-night type who thinks they know more than they do. Someone who invests in single-family home rentals will contact a local expert in property management in the North Texas area. So why not you? Don’t “reinvent the wheel”; do what the professionals do!

4 Reasons why it pays to work with a local property management expert in North Texas

  1. A home is an investment. The goal is to keep or continue to increase its value. That means someone must be in charge of the day-to-day responsibilities of caring for a family-style rental. Here are four reasons why working with a team of local property management experts is a great choice.
    Tenant interviews: A professional will conduct background checks to ensure a renter has a history of paying the rent consistently and on time ( Also, previous landlords are contacted to confirm tenant dependability. This can help mitigate tenant issues once they move in.
  2. Late-Night Emergency calls: Flooding could destroy flooring if a pipe has broken. Getting someone to the house is essential before further damage can occur. Expert landlords can be called on 24/7. They will get a professional over asap to assess and fix the problem pronto.
  3. Home Inspections: A top property manager will schedule home inspections with the tenant. They will check the property for problems like cracked windows or roofing issues and repair them quickly. They’ll also ensure there isn’t a chicken ranch in the backyard (that is if you didn’t want one)!
  4. Rent Collection: A retired couple might rely on the extra income to pay their monthly bills. A skilled manager will collect the rent and deposit it quickly. They also help record all property transactions and provide the information to help with end-of-year tax filings.

North Texas owners can find a local expert in property management to help when they are ready to leave the “nest” in good hands!