Despite recent downward trends in other states, Texas continues to experience an economic boom. In fact, according to Texas Economic Development, the unemployment rate continues to stay at around 4% ( service in Plano

As the economy moves forward, the population continues to grow with it. Companies looking to recruit the best talent may find many are bringing young families along. And the majority of parents are looking to rent a North Texas home close to great schools and parks.

To property owners who have a single-family home rental in North Texas, we say “congratulations!” You’ve already aced the primary goal of “location, location, location.” Family-style neighborhoods like McKinney, Frisco, and Plano continue to grow. reports McAllen as one of Texas’s top ten growing Metros at 13.3% (, but let’s stick with North Texas properties!  All of Texas is growing, but North Texas is growing especially fast.

After purchasing a rental property, the next step is managing the rental. And although Texas is considered a landlord-friendly state, there are still challenges to consider.

Managing a home rental isn’t always a walk in the park

It’s essential to review the responsibilities of successful property management, such as;

  • Preparing a rental for new tenants.
  • Advertising the rental.
  • Tenant screenings and background checks.
  • Evaluating and establishing a fair monthly rental amount.
  • Rent collection and bookkeeping.
  • Controlling costs.
  • Managing tenant paperwork and property taxes.

Each of these duties is relatively boilerplate. And a knowledgeable landlord can probably juggle them just fine. Unfortunately, it’s unexpected problems that can become frustrating money-sucking headaches. For instance, maybe a tenant passed the background check, and there were no apparent red flags. Then, at the end of the month, they stopped paying rent. Or maybe they ignored the lease agreement and decided to adopt a menagerie of pets to the point of hoarding. Either way, the property is displaying an extensive amount of wear and tear, and the tenant has become a financial burden. It’s time to enforce the lease and get the problem tenant out of the house.

Does an individual managing landlord work understand how to navigate the problem quickly and professionally? Are they schooled in tenant rights vs. property owner right in Texas? Do they know how long it takes to legally remove the problem renter from the home? And what if the tenant decides to fight back instead of acquiescing?

Troublesome tenant? An eviction management service in nearby Plano can help!

If a landlord or property investor is struggling to DIY a tenant eviction, a better option is to reach out to an expert for help. As we stated before, the state of Texas is legally supportive of landlords, but that isn’t a 100% guarantee a specific situation will work out in their favor. A landlord can make several honest mistakes to hurt their chances of success. For instance, providing a short eviction notice or not comprehensively documenting the lease violations. Rocket Lawyer notes these and several other errors a landlord may make to hurt their case (

An investment property in North Texas can grow in value over time. But a problematic tenant can impact the investment if they aren’t dealt with swiftly and professionally. Between the loss of rent and property damage, financial recovery may take time. Working with an expert eviction management service in nearby Plano can help resolve the problem quickly so a property investor can get back to watching their investment grow.