There are not very many McKinney residential property management companies that do what we do at North Texas Property Management. Managing residential properties in McKinney.A number of companies that do specialize in property management are only interested in working with companies that have large holdings and may need huge apartment blocks managed which contain hundreds of units. Possibly they consider that this is more profitable or perhaps they don’t want to go to the trouble of managing dozens of smaller properties.

We are quite the opposite. Our specialty is in managing properties for the smaller investor who may only have one or two properties which need to be looked after. We like to work on a personal basis, one to one, with the smaller client because we get to understand very quickly their likes and dislikes. As small property owners ourselves we know how important it is to build up an atmosphere of trust with landlords and tenants alike. This is the way we differentiate ourselves from the big McKinney residential property management companies and we prefer it that way.

Small Investors Still Need Their Properties Managed

After all, not many people have millions of dollars to invest in property, but those who only have a very small portfolio still need their properties managed in exactly the same way. In fact, the small property owner will usually need more attention than the large one. For instance, if there is an emergency in a property a large company may have someone on the payroll who can deal with it, but the small investor may be away on holiday. This is why it is vital to have a property management company that can deal with all the little day to day problems that arise as they happen, and at North Texas Property Management that is exactly what we do.

Of course, as one of the McKinney residential property management companies we don’t restrict our operations just to McKinney. From our offices in Plano we cover Carrolton, Allen, Frisco, Parker, Richardson, Lewisville, and more, but again we take the time and the care to look after the small investor. We don’t go looking for companies with huge apartment blocks because we just prefer to operate on a personal basis. That doesn’t mean that have not grown over the years – in fact, today we manage over $50,000,000 of properties for our clients and we fill over 100 properties a year with suitable tenants. That is another advantage we have, because over the years we have come to know many tenants and this means that we often know who is looking to move home and we can provide you with good, reliable tenants who will take care of your property.

If you have a small portfolio of properties give us a call the next time one of your tenants is about to move on.