Carrollton is one of the fastest growing communities here in North Texas, and at North Texas Property Management we are getting more and more calls from people who want to “hang on” to their homes for the appreciation in value they will get, and yet also want a lively Carrollton, Texas, residential property management service to take care of all the hassle that goes with renting it out.Property managers for Carrollton

And it’s true: if you only own a single home, or perhaps two or three, renting them out is a hassle. First you have to find a tenant. Then you wonder if they will be good for the rent, but you don’t really know how to check it out. Then if they are, you have to arrange for a deposit and put it into safe keeping.

You need to provide an executed T.A.R. (Texas Association of Realtors) type of lease and all the appropriate agreements/documents, such as pool liability waivers, lead-based paint disclosures, etc. You also need to handle all home-owner association and city concerns, notices, and violations, including City registration of rental properties, and scheduling of City inspections prior to occupancy.

What If Your Tenant Stops Paying The Rent?

Then you have to collect the rent every month. You also have to deal with any repairs or other things that may need to be done, so you would have to get quotes from different tradesmen, then arrange for the work to be carried out and make sure the tenant will be there when the tradesman arrives. Then if your new tenant decides to leave after six months, you have to start all over again. Worse still, what do you do if your tenant stops paying the rent? If you don’t know how the eviction system works, they could stay there for months without paying you.

These are just some of the reasons why, if you want to let a home in Carrollton, you need a Carrollton, Texas, residential property management service that you can trust. That would be us.

We have been managing properties in North Texas since 2005, and we have built up a system and a network of contacts that cover every possible eventuality. So when some shingles fall off the roof and need replacing urgently, we have tradesmen on call who can handle it. If the sewer line gets blocked, we have plumbers who can fix it.

At North Texas Property Management, we take all the worry and the day to day hassle that can arise from renting out a property away from you. The way we work is that we firmly believe that you should be able to sit back without worry and just receive your check every month, and that is what happens.