Garland, Texas – July 1, 2020. North Texas Property Management, a team of best-in-class property managers serving the prosperous suburbs north of Dallas, Texas, is proud to announce a new post on Garland Texas and property management issues in that suburb. Garland Property ManagementThe postmarks the Garland Texas population at 250,000 and takes a long-term view towards increasing residential property values in the Texas city.
“While we are based in Plano, Texas, we are really excited about the long term prospects for Garland Texas,” explained Jason Marascio, CEO of North Texas Property Management. “Our new post helps Garland residential property owners take a long term view towards values and then seek out a best-in-class Garland property management company.”

Interested parties can read the new post at The post explains that both renters and landlords can benefit from a property management company that can mediate the interests of both while serving the long term interests of investors and property owners. The system can be win/win for everyone. In addition, investors who own single-family homes in Garland Texas can check out the Garland information page at That new page explains the services offered by the company for investor-owned and other types of single-family homes and residential properties that need management. The reality is that the best property management company in Garland is easily available in nearby Plano. Even more to the point, the company focuses its property management services exclusively on single-family home / residential properties, making it an ideal fit for smaller investors.


Here is the background on this release. Garland Texas with a population of just around 250,000 is an ideal community for investors in North Texas. The community is family-friendly and has many incredible single-family homes. As the economy reopens, it’s clear that Texas is one of the states best positioned to benefit from the rebound, and properties in Garland Texas are well-positioned as rentals. Investors might not know how to find the best property management company in Garland Texas, but they can visit the website and reach out for a consultation with a property manager. Those who are looking for information, for instance on Carrollton, Texas, can visit as well as the company’s sister website on buying or selling a North Texas home.


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