McKinney is the county seat of Collin County in Texas, and it is the second largest city in the County after Plano. McKinney is growing at an incredible rate. In 1980 the population was 16,249. In 2000 it was 54,369 and last year, 2020, it was 195,308. That is a massive increase over only 40 years.Investors are gobbling up McKinney rental properties

What is also growing is the number of investors in property in the city, and this is understandable as more and more people flock to the city and are looking for a home to rent. But of course, many of these investors do not want to manage the property themselves, and that is why they look to us at North Texas Property Management for rental property management in McKinney.

They don’t want all the hassle of advertising for tenants, then interviewing them, narrowing down the list to two or three, getting references, and making a final decision. Then they have to take a deposit, and they have to hope that their new tenant will pay the rent on time every time. If you are a property investor like most others, you don’t want all that hassle. You just want to sit back and collect a rent check once a month.

Our McKinney Property Management Lets You Do Exactly That

Our rental property management in McKinney lets you do just that. You can forget all the hassle and the rest of it because that is what you pay us for. We have been managing rental properties for years, and we know where to advertise in order to get the maximum number of enquiries. We use yard signs and about 15 online advertising sites in order to do this.

We also ensure that your property meets all the Texas Rental Property Codes and is fit and presentable for your tenants to live in. We handle all homeowner association and city concerns, notices, and violations, including city registration of rental properties and scheduling of city inspections prior to occupancy.

Our tenant application process is effective, and it can contain any requirements that you would like to add for your individual property. We also undertake references, and credit checks as well, if you require them. If any repairs are needed to your property or things such as tidying up a yard should be carried out, we will provide you with quotes from the appropriate builders/contractors/handymen for your approval.

We collect your rents every month and send you your rent check, which is the only thing that you are really interested in, and quite right too!

So, use our rental property management in McKinney and you can sit back and leave all the hassle to us.