Warning! Warning! Clickbait post ahead! But it’s actually very simple.

Want to know how to manage a rental property in Texas? If you are a property investor, you probably do. If you are not a property investor but are considering your first investment, then you most certainly do. The answer is actually very simple.rental property

Wait for it…………….

Wait for it…………….

You hire us!

At North Texas Property Management, we know full well how to manage a rental property in Texas. That’s because it’s what we do for a living. Manage rental properties. And we have been doing it for years.

However, we didn’t always manage rental properties. Well, not for other people, at least. We started out in life by investing in properties ourselves. And yes, we have to put our hands up. We made a few mistakes managing our own properties. But we quickly learned what worked and what didn’t.

Our founders started out by buying and selling properties in the DFW area while at the same time building up a rental portfolio. We used a “think outside the box” approach and developed our own system for handling a small number of properties, mainly single family homes. What then happened was that other small property investors cottoned on to what we were doing and asked us if we could look after their properties as well. This was how North Texas Property Management began life.

A Business Expanding Entirely on Referrals!

Indeed, it was so successful that for the first five years our property management business expanded entirely on referrals. We didn’t do any advertising at all! But then the market changed, and it became more difficult for real estate investors to invest in properties and at the lowest point in the market it also became more difficult for homeowners to sell their homes because of the way that the lending guidelines had changed.

But we didn’t let that stop us. We kept up to speed, and today we manage over 50 million dollars’ worth of residential real estate. We can manage your portfolio too, whether you have one property or half a dozen. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Many people think that owning an investment property is simple. You just collect a rent check every month for doing nothing. Oh, if only! If you have been managing your own properties for any length of time, you will be fully aware how to manage a rental property in Texas, and of all the sheer hassle and hard work that is involved.

So, the perfect answer is to let us deal with the hassle. After all, we are fully geared up for it. Then you really can sit back and collect a rent check for doing nothing!